---------- Ways of Payment ----------

FUNKERTECH allows payments in the following ways:

- Wire transfer.
Make a transfer in the amount of the purchase on behalf of CMR SL components. the account we offer you: The Cai. The account number, are automatically given when you make the order. In the transfer you must tell us the order number; 24/48h after confirmation from our bank the shipment will be made to the address you provided. We will send you an e-mail confirming the shipment of the package.

The order will be reserved for 2 days. If you think it will take longer to make the payment. Please contact us.

- Cash.
Available for shipments to Spain and Portugal. Receive by Gls on the address your order, which you must pay at the time of receipt. The purchaser accepts cash only. No heels are accepted. This payment has a surcharge of 2% of your total purchase.

- Store Pickup.
You can come to our offices to collect and pay for your purchase, this card or paying cash.
We will contact you to confirm that your order is ready.

- Paypal
PayPal is the global electronic payments network safely operating in over 103 countries and regions. With PayPal you can shop safely on the Internet without sharing your financial information to any merchant. This payment has a surcharge of 2% of your total purchase.

The first time you pay with PayPal, you'll be automatically registered for a PayPal account (for free). To complete the purchase, you will need to write the details of your credit card or debit card. The card details will be kept safely within your PayPal account, and you can use your account in maxmovil.com and other commercial web sites that accept PayPal.

For safety in case of doubt the authenticity of the user or improper use of a PayPal account, we reserve the right to reverse a transaction and immediately notify PayPal for blocking the bill.

If you go to make your first purchase on Funkertech and chosen payment method is contrarreembolso shipping we will contact you to confirm your details and proceed to shipping. Please give a phone where we can reach you.

In any case, Funkertech reserves the right to refuse to refund shipping if we believe there is good reason for it (false data, potential fraud, inability to contact the customer, rejected previous requests ...) yielding only option, payment by bank transfer, credit card or bank transfer.

If after confirmed the order and sent, is not accepted by the customer, the customer must pay all costs incurred Funkertech. Invoice will be sent by email and / or mail.

 ---------Shipping ----------

Shipping costs for orders exceeding € 39.00 amount will be free. For orders below € 39.00 shipping charge amount will be € 4.95.
Funkertech guarantee delivery of items in stock within a maximum 48 hours working in the indicated direction.
Additionally, you can arrange the following services:
                             - Guaranteed Delivery within 24 hours; € 12
                             - Guaranteed Delivery before 09:00 am the following day to order; € 35
We work with transport companies first level allows us to guarantee the delivery of the material within the deadlines.
All shipments include insurance 100% of your purchase.

---------- Returns ----------

We offer a 7 day period to inform us of any manufacturing defect or damage in the shipping process. He passed these 7 days, will not be accepted under any circumstances, change or credit of the product ordered, going to handle the incidence required by the media concerning the same.
The product, as well as other elements of the original retail package, must not show signs of prolonged use, or problems resulting from misuse, improper handling, user negligence, repairs, cracks or the like unauthorized.
If the customer wants to return the purchased product due to causes unrelated to the operation of the equipment (aesthetics, size, taste, change my mind ...), return freight Article shall be borne by the customer in any case.
The product will be returned to Funkertech in its original box with all components intact package sales.
After verifying that these requirements are met, we will proceed to refund the amount (with the same method as the payment was made) or change the product.

---------- Guarantees  ----------

The guarantee of the products sold by Funkertech lends and sets under the rules contained in Law 23/2003 of 10 July, on guarantees in the Sale of Consumer Goods.
In addition, commercial guarantees take effect from delivery of the product and will match that offered by the manufacturer.